• Szcientológia A gondolkodás alapjai, hangoskönyv

Szcientológia A gondolkodás alapjai, hangoskönyv

  • Nyelv: Magyar
  • Kötés: Hangoskönyv
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Gross: 8,000 Ft

  • Net: 6,299 Ft

Designated by L. Ron Hubbard as the Book One of Scientology. After having fully unified and codified the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology came the refinement of their fundamentals. Originally published as a résumé of Scientology for use in translations into non-English tongues, this book is of inestimable value to both the beginner and advanced student of the mind, spirit and life. Equipped with this book alone, one can begin a practice and perform seeming miracle changes in the states of well-being, ability and intelligence of people.

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