• Dianetika Az eredeti tézis, hangoskönyv

Dianetika Az eredeti tézis, hangoskönyv

  • Nyelv: Magyar
  • Kötés: Hangoskönyv
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  • Gross: 8,000 Ft

  • Net: 6,299 Ft

Mr. Hubbard’s first description of Dianetics. Originally circulated in manuscript form, it was soon copied and passed from hand to hand. Ensuing word of mouth created such demand for more information, he concluded the only way to answer the inquiries was with a book. That book was Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, now the all-time self-help bestseller. Find out what started it all. For here is the bedrock foundation of Dianetic discoveries: the Original Axioms, the Dynamic Principle of Existence, the Anatomy of the Analytical and Reactive Mind, the Dynamics, the Tone Scale, the Auditor’s Code and the first description of a Clear.

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